The most mature development of Milan design week in all design week, has become fertile ground for brand marketing. A variety of brands in April each year will come to Milan exhibition, marketing, while the way to highlight the brand’s aesthetic and taste. This year, Nike Air Max Outlet also came to Milan exhibition. Recently, Nike teamed up with 10 artists, in the south of Milan, this abandoned industrial space has been held in the name of the “The Nature of Motion ” theme exhibition. With the help of their concepts of multi media presentation the natural rhythm of the display indicates the future concept works.

From the beginning of the Cheap Nike Air Flyknit series, Nike is committed to in the rhythm of nature (natural motion) concept is applied to product design, the perfect appearance, function and movements of the intersection, and tap the potential of the human body, to shorten the distance between products and the human body. We make unremitting efforts in the design, not only will consider what the characteristics of the sport, but also consider the movement of the people he is what he is, “said Hoke John, vice president of Nike’s design. “Our goal is to continue to think about how we can create a new design language and solve some new problems, in the case of an athlete’s movement.”

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